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I'm Nuriya. I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm going to the 5th year of havo. My best subjects in school are: English, History and Art. I'm a real failure in physics, chemistry and I'm also not very good at biology and German. My hobbies are horseriding, Digital art, singing and playing guitar. I'm 100% Sherlock addicted and love to watch Arrow :3 Very often listening to music from Thriving Ivory/Midnight Cinema, Evanescence, Within Temptation and Red. I'm a real daydreamer and make stories in my head all the time of a world that doesn't really exist but for me it does. I love chocolate o.o and hot choco is my favourite drink. I see my internet friends as my real friends and I love horses and horseriding :3 I have two favourite horses. Ocalinda, a New Forest pony from 1.35m. Sadly she died a while ago... and Amira a kwpn pony from 1.52m. I also have two care horses. One mare called Ramira. She's 1.47m and has 4 white legs and a beautiful blaze (you can see her on my profile picture). The other care pony is a gelding called Binky. He is a flaxen Shetland pony. He's Ramira's biggest friend. I have a rabbit, Fudge and a hamster, Bonne Année.

If you want to know something about me, just ask! ^^ Oh and the stamps below do also tell a lot about me x'D

I believe in Sherlock Holmes Stamp by Indy-chan SH Moriarty Stamp by TwilightProwler SH I am SHER-Locked Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock and John Stamp by TwilightProwler SH It's Fine Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Happy Holmes Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Watching You Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock Wink Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Epiphany Stamp by TwilightProwler Sherlocked by darkestmelody Supporting Sociopaths Stamp by LetsSaveTheUniverse BBC Sherlock :la: stamp by sasha619 Sherlock Bored stamp by HikariKoboshi I Love Horses Stamp by OckGal Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay I love Rocky Mountain Horses by WishmasterAlchemist
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heey everyone! ^^

I've been thinking about my characters and stories...
I am writing a book about them and I was planning to write one book... but it turns out that would become a very fat big book XD
So I decided it would be better to split it into three parts. The first book will be about the Dark War wich was also in my storyline here on deviantart, the second will be called 'Scars'. That book is about what happens after the war and the third book will be about Charlie's daughter: Siyah.

So the first storyline is complete here on dA.
The storyline 'scars' isn't finished... there is a lot I should still tell and show about it... but since I came with the idea for a third book (some weeks ago), I just can't stop thinking about it :') I want to draw that story so bad x] I just can't finish scars anymore. So I am going to make a final drawing for scars and I will tell in short what happens in the story and then I will go on with The Banished Daughters :la:

The story's over now... by RisingAngelssRise Like A Phoenix by RisingAngelssThe Banished Daughters by RisingAngelss
The end of The Dark War --- A piece from Scars --- The beginning of The Banished Daughters

I have thought about this for a long time since I don't like unfinished things :lmao:
but I lost the passion for drawing with scars and this new storyline just makes me want to draw all the time :') It's like a new start :)

I am curious what you think about this ^.^

xx- Nuriya
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  • Listening to: Fireflight - Desperate
Evanescing Pain by RisingAngelss
Evanescing Pain
If you want to live, let live.
If you want to go, let go.
I'm never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender.

Guess it wasn't real after all.
Guess it wasn't real all along.

If I fall and all is lost,
No light to lead the way,
Remember that all alone is where I belong.…
Evanescence - Cloud Nine


"Mother always told us stories about this place how bad it is and how everything, alive or not, wants to kill you. Well of course I'm just entering this place but it doesn't look that bad... at least for me. Maybe I just fit in here... maybe this is the place where I belong. I feel at home. With the darkness surrounding me. I will no longer be Siyah.
This place is filled with monsters, but I am one too.
From now on my name will be O'Lim, dead. Siyah is dead. I can never return to the person I once was."

After entering Pozar, Siyah searched for a place to stay. She found a small lake with a waterfall and thought it would be a good place to rest. She took the saddle from Narayda's back and sat down on a rock. It was strange. Since she arrived here, she felt way better. The pain from her burn was fading and she felt inner rest. She looked at Narayda who was playing with the water. Siyah never smiles on the outside, but that doesn't mean she isn't smiling. She smiles on the inside. She just learned how to hide her feelings.
It was quiet on Pozar. Very quiet. But sometimes that silence was insidious. But now she heard something for the first time. At first she thought it was Narayda but Narayda was staring at something. Siyah tried to figure out where Narayda was staring at. Then she saw it. There was something coming towards them. It was like some red glowing lights floating around through the forest, but that would be strange... wouldn't it?
The lights came closer and closer. Siyah got up from the rock ready to attack. When the lights arrived at the lake, Siyah saw it weren't only lights. It was some creature. A creature with a pitch black skin, a mouth full of sharp teeth and red glowing wounds. It ran towards her and just when she wanted to attack the creature, it stopped right in front of her and sat down. Siyah looked confused. It wasn't going to attack her? It wasn't going to kill her?
Siyah sat down again on the rock and the creature started to wag it's tail. Siyah pulled up her arm and hesitated for a moment, but then patted the creature. Siyah looked at the body of the creature. It was covered with bleeding wounds.
'Why are you bleeding? Are you hurt?'
'Because he is a Darahkar. When they get wounded they will bleed eternally. That's why they have to drink the blood from their preys. Drinking blood keeps them from bleeding to death.'
Siyah looked to her right. There was suddenly a little girl standing next to her.
'Who are you?' asked Siyah.
'Who I am isn't important. The question is who you are.'
'Nobody.' aswered Siyah.
'You know, I don't think that's true... you see, Darneash usually kills every creature on his way. But with you, he is acting like a puppy.'
Siyah looked at the Darahkar. His red glowing eyes staring at her. Then she looked at the girl next to her. She was still very young, probably something like ten years old, she had black hair and brown eyes.
'The name is O'Lim' Siyah said.
The girl looked at Siyah's necklace and bent forward to touch it but Siyah grabbed the girls arm.
'Don't touch it.'
'Where did you get that?' asked the girl while she pulled her arm back.
'My father gave it to me.' Siyah got sick of all those questions. She thought she would finally be left alone but obviously, she wasn't the only person on this island.
'You know what that is?' the girl asked while looking straight at Siyah.
'I really have no idea! maybe a necklace?' Siyah said ironically.
'O'Lim, this is not just a necklace. You are a member of the royal family. Not just a member, You are the queen! That's why Darneash didn't attack you, he smelled your royal blood.'
Siyah stared with a meaningless face at the girl.
'What in the world are you talking about?' asked Siyah.
'Your dad's name is Hegon, right?'
'Yes it is. How do you know?'
'Because I knew him. He was the leader of Pozar before he left. But it looks like he left his kingdom to you. Come, I'll show you.'
Siyah really didn't want to follow the girl. But the girl just told her something nobody else ever told her. Was it true? Had her father been here? Why did nobody tell her?
She wanted to find out. She called Narayda and together they followed the girl. The strange little girl who is more or less ten years old and knew her father... If her father was king here, then that must have been more than sixteen years ago... How can a ten year old girl possibly know him? Something strange was going on here...

I'm actually very happy with how this piece turned out! :la:

Name: Evanescing Pain
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Fun pen&touch
Programmes: gimp 2.6
human: Siyah (or how whe calls herself: O'Lim)
Horse: Narayda
Creature: Darneash

Please don't use this without my permission!

xx - RisingAngelss
10 years have passed... by RisingAngelss
10 years have passed...
... and her fire is still burning! :D

yes people, Charlie is 10 years old! :la:
Unbelievable o.o time flies o.o
I came up with this adventurous girl when I was seven years old and now... she's still here! O.o
Some child play has grown into art XD When I felt too old for playing her I thought: Why don't I change from drawing realistic stuff to fantasy stuff and just use her in my stories o.O
So I did XD and I have put her in so much pain the past few years D:
First she lost her soulmate (my partner who I used to play this with, my friend is not dead btw XD I just didn't want to use her character x]), then she lost a very good friend in a war (the war that almost killed her too xd), she lost her powers, she didn't know who she was anymore, darkness took over.... poor girl o.O
But whatever happenend, and this is what I always admired about her, she got up on her feet again and only got stronger. When I made up Charlie, I created a character that I wanted to be. She was that amazing person that was always there for people too help, to fight evil and become stronger with the day :)
Charlie is a part of me and she'll probably always be :3 She even feels like a real person just living in a different world :')

The pictures are chronological from old to new, from left to right, from top to bottom.
There's a whole between 2006 and 2011 but as I said, I used to play I was her, not draw her :') (I actually didn't really like drawing when I was little XD)

I hope you can see some improvement :lmao:
if you want to see the pictures bigger, please download ;)

xx- RisingAngelss
The Banished Daughters by RisingAngelss
The Banished Daughters
"They say in the end you can never wash the blood from your hands.
I didn't even get the chance to try because before I could, it got burned from my hands."

Ever since I could remember
Everything inside of me
Just wanted to fit in
I was never one for pretenders
Everything I tried to be
Just wouldn't settle in

A monster, a monster
I've turned into a monster
A monster, a monster
And it keeps getting stronger…

anddd :3

You should be afraid of me
Pain is the promise I will keep
I am the whisper in the dark
I am the scream when you fall…

"Who would've thought I would end up like this. Growing up in such a protective family. Our maybe that was just the cause...
My brother and two sisters, we learned to fight for our lives but still there was our mother always protecting us. She is just so afraid of losing people.
I never meant to hurt anyone but still I did. Jealousy turned me into a monster and now I'm here. In front of the portal to enter the darkness.
I look back one more time. Well maybe it's just my fate... maybe this is just who I am supposed to be. A deep sigh echoes in the night. I ask Narayda to move forewards and we walk through the portal. Entering a dark world. Silence... but movement. All living things are moving, even the trees.
Why did I do this... Why did I try to kill my sister? I think I just wasn't in control of myself anymore. But I would do it again. She survived and I can't bear the thought she did. My mother ruined me. Just like Narayda's mother did. We are two outsiders with the same past and the same future.
My mother loved my twinsister more than me. I have felt that all my life. There was Gwenne, her sweet little angel with the white hair, the pale skin and the beautiful blue eyes and there was me, Siyah. Yeah, the other half of the twins with the black hair and potential for darkness. I wasn't even allowed to touch my mothers precious horses because I could harm their white souls. But the beautiful, amazing and talented Gwenne got to do everything she wanted with them. But at the end those horses didn't matter, but Narayda did. I earned Narayda's respect. Something my mother has never earned. She and Narayda weren't a good couple.
But there came a day... a day when I got so furious of that brat that always got everything from mommy. I just wanted to kill her. It was all I could think off. I was never good enough, beautiful enough, I broke a mirror with my hands. It hurted a lot but it felt so good. I was so tired of being judged by my appearance. My head got filled with hatred, I grabbed a shard from the mirror and took it with me. I found my sister outside reading on a bench. I held the shard behind my back. Gwenne didn't see me coming and when I stood behind her, I cut her throat with the shard. She screamed and she was bleeding. I just stood there and watched her bleed. I felt nothing. I wanted to walk away but then there was my mother... She saw what happened and fired her fire at me. I fell to the ground. My body was on fire, burning. Almost the whole left side of my body got burned from my feet till my chin.
Gwenne got saved by the healing waters from Cascada. But of course, they didn't bring me there. It was my punishment. But that wasn't everything. I got banished. I wasn't allowed to live on Niatara anymore. Only the one place nobody dares to come... I had to go there. Well fine, away from my family didn't sound that bad... My father was always away from home... the only one that understands me. I haven't seen him anymore since I was twelve years old.
But now I'm here, on Pozar. I think my family wants me dead. Mother always told us stories about this place how bad it is and how everything, alive or not, wants to kill you. Well of couse I'm just entering this place but it doesn't look that bad... at least for me. Maybe I just fit in here... maybe this is the place where I belong. I feel at home. With the darkness surrounding me. I will no longer be Siyah.
This place is filled with monsters, but I am one too.
From now on my name will be O'Lim, dead. Siyah is dead. I can never return to the person I once was."

A piece of the future! :D This girl, Siyah just came up to my mind last week and I wanted to draw her so badly o.o

Some information about her :3
Name: Siyah Blagdan
Age: 16
Mother: Charlie Cahiera
Father: Hegon Blagdan
Brothers/sisters: Diallo (older brother), Gwenne (twin sister) and Shaleen (younger sister).
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
features: A burn on her left side.
Character: Siyah is a very quiet girl. She doesn't really like talking or people around her. She prevers animals. Animals feel often attracted to her. She looks tougher than she actually is. She fights for the ones she loves and will do everything to protect them. Even if it brings her own life in danger. She is willing to sacrifice. She likes to ride around with her horse Narayda and she really likes drawing and collecting gemstones. She hates her mother and twin sister. 

I am kind of happy how this turned out :3 I felt like drawing a horse again after a long long time o.o
and I tried something different with the shading on the horse :D

don't use this anywhere without my permission!

The Mirror Maze by RisingAngelss
The Mirror Maze
Lost in the darkness
hoping for a sign
instead there is only silence
can't you hear my screams?

I'll find you somewhere, I'll keep on trying untill my dying day.
I just need to know whatever has happened.
The truth will free my soul.

Somewhere - Within Temptation…

My final project for art class :3

We could make whatever we want with the theme: uitvogelen
which is a Dutch word for figure out x'D So... we all had to figure something out xd buttt we weren't allowed to make it cliche.
So I made a character from my stories, Charlie, in a mirror maze. Why? I'll explain it with a story :3

I keep having this nightmare... Well... it's one of the nightmares I keep having. When I enter this nightmare, I'm all on my own in a dark place. I can't see anything. Then, light comes from the ceiling. It is my necklace everywhere and it shows a mirror image and suddenly I can see thousends of them. Surrounding me, haunting me. I am in the middle of a mirror maze. The necklace I'm normally wearing is now like a crown on my head. I wear a white dress with a black cape which is blue on the inside. My dress is covered with barbed wire and roses. Around my arms are chains. I feel lost and hopeless. I look around and try to find a way out but I can't. I keep running into mirrors. It's like I don't know who I am anymore and I want to find out, but whatever I try, nothing seems to work. It's like I'm haunting myself. Lost and stuck in myself, figuring a way out...

now some information about the picture. :D
The person on the picture is Charlie. She doesn't know who she is anymore after she lost everything. The black cape symbolizes death, darkness, pain and mystery. It hides the blue, the truth, beneath it. It also covers the light in Charlie's soul (the white dress). Her soul is captured by chains and the barbed wire, and the roses on it are symbolizing desire. The desire to get to know the truth. The necklace, or in this picture the crown, is something she is carrying all her life. So it has become a part of her and also a part of the past. So with the necklace all over the place it is like the past is haunting her.

hope you like it :3
please don't use this anywhere without my permisson!


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